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The purpose of this non-profit organization is to increase awareness of animal sexual assault and to change current laws to increase the severity of penalties for violations. Also to change how this crime is prosecuted, how animals are viewed, treated as evidence, ways to prove this crime, and to aid in making animal sexual assault illegal in all 50 states and territories of the United States. 


What is Bestiality? 

Bestiality is also known as Buggery, Animal Sexual Assault, A Crime Against Nature, and Zoophilia. Bestiality or Zoophilia is defined as a “paraphilia that is an affinity, attraction, or sexual attraction by a human to non-human animals.”

Types of Bestiality

There are three types: 1) Opportunisitc or Safety-Value Sex, which is a type of abuse that is  "often viewed as the act of a curicous youth or a lonely person." An opportunitistic abuser seeks out the most accessible and vulnerable animals for sexual gratification or arousal and the abuser generally acts in a non-threatening manner to the animal. The abuser generally decides to have sex with the animal due to boredom, insecurity, and curiousity or looking for a substitute to a human partner.

 2) Fixated Sex is where the animals are the primary or exclusive focus of the human abuser’s sexual desires. Some Fixated Abusers have a species or gender preferences and use pornography involving animals. Generally, a fixated abuser will use the defense that the sex  between themselves and the animal is “consensual” and claims it benefits the animals. Additionally, the abuser justify the abuse by characterizing the behavior as “loving.”  Moreover, Fixated sex abusers may seek out employment in animal-related fields in order to access to numerous potential victims.

3) Domineering Sex or Sadistic animal abusers are generally batterers, rapists, and pornographers. These type of abusers may force women, children, and other vulnerable people to have sex with an animal or animals to humiliate, dominate, control, and exploit both their human and animal victims. A Sadistic abuser will probably injure or kill the animal and some may derive sexual gratification from the pain and suffering inflicted during the act. A great example of this type of abuser can be seen in State v. George A., 308 Conn. 274, 63 A.3rd 918 (Conn. 2013). This case involved a young child who was abused by her father from the age of 9 to age 11, which involved sexual abuse and physical abuse. The Defendant filmed and directed the victim, his child, to insert mice into her vagina, crush mice and pinkies (baby mice) with her feet and buttocks and physically abused her. However, the State did not charge the Defendant with violating Connecticut statute C. G. S. A. § 53a-73a “Sexual assault in the fourth degree," or for animal cruelty or for creating a crush video as well. As it was not until 2010 that 18 U.S.C.A §48 was amended and Connecticut's animal sexual assault law was not effective until 2013. There is no evidence that this case sparked the passage of Connecticut's animal sexual assault law other than the dates of the case and the date the law became effective. 

Most animal sexual assault abusers are generally isolated, insecure, and feel powerless. 

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*Update: Ohio passed a law banning bestiality, misdemeanor, in March 2017. To learn more about the law click here.

*Update: Vermont passed law amending their animal cruelty statute, 13 V.S.A. §352(11)(A), a misdemeanor, to prohibit animal sexual assault in March 2017 and signed into law on June 7, 2017. Find the full text here.

*Update: Nevada passed a law in October 2017, N.R.S. AB 391 §1 making it a felony to commit an act of sexual conduct with an animal. To learn more about the law click here.

*Update: Texas passed its law, V.T.C.A. Penal Code §21.09 in June 2017, which became effective Sept. 1, 2017. Bestiality is a felony in the state of Texas.  

4 more states down, 5 more to go. The path to making this crime illegal in all 50 states is slowly becoming a reality. Thank you!

When humans act with cruelty we characterize them as ‘animals,’ yet the only animal that displays cruelty is humanity.
— Anthony Douglas Williams "Inside the Divine Pattern"; Call us at 503-446-4930 

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Katherine Goodman, Esq. Founder and President of SASA

I have loved animals all my life  and originally I wanted to be a vet. But, I realized in my last year of undergrad that I could use my love of the law to do the same as what I planned to do as a vet. I graduated from Bethel University with a double major in Biology and Environmental Studies. After being accepted into law school I planned to protect animals by being an environmental lawyer. I had no idea I could be animal law attorney until attending Valparaiso University School of Law in Indiana and discovering both Rebecca Huss and SALDF. After restarting Valparaiso's chapter of SALDF in my 2L year, it became clear I needed to specialize in Animal Law. I got my LLM in Animal Law from Lewis and Clark.  For my LLM program. I wrote my thesis paper on the issue of animal sexual assault and fell in love with solving this issue. Because to solve an issue of this magnitude, you need to be all in with solving the problem. Then after doing hundreds of hours of research I realized no one was really dealing with or focusing on this issue, which is how SASA was born. It is my mission to make this crime not only illegal in all 50 States, but to revolutionize how this crime is viewed, treated, and studied. 


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Olivia Williams, Vice President of SASA 

 I have been an animal lover from day one, almost literally—my first word as a baby was my dog’s name. As a child growing up in rural Georgia, my family joked that every time I left the house we ended up with more mouths to feed, as I was perpetually coming home with some neighbor’s dog that had wandered off, a stray cat, an injured baby bird, even a few spare turtles and snakes. After a stint working with rescue horses which resulted in my adopting a potbellied piglet (who I nursed with goat's milk from a baby bottle and trained to use a litter box), I became particularly invested in farm animal welfare. A vegetarian since the age of fifteen, I am passionate about factory-farm reform and promoting alternative food sources. I studied the relationship between human and nonhuman-animals in my Master's program at the University of Amsterdam, and this led me to a job with the Government Relations Department of the ASPCA. It was there that I met Katherine Goodman, a colleague turned dear friend and the founder of SASA. Together with Katherine and the rest of our team, I am thrilled to be fighting for legislative reform that will extend necessary and overdue protection to animals, giving a voice to those who cannot speak for themselves.


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